Terms Of Use

  1. Calculate the user’s way

The website is provided by Enjoyu2 and only provides companies and individuals who are on the legal age of the law, who can establish legally binding contracts under applicable law. If you are not eligible, you are not authorized to use the site.

  1. Scope of terms of use

These Terms of use regulate the use of WEB addresses and all applications, software, and services (called, “Service “) available on the Web address, except for services subject to the individual contract’s adjustments. A separate terms or contract may apply to the service or other item provided to you on the Web address ( “service contract”). The service contracts that accompany the services may apply or are listed through the hyperlink that accompanies the applicable services.

  1. Modifications

Enjoyu2 may edit or update the terms of use at any time. Continuing to use the Web address after any changes to the terms of use means that you accept these changes. Any aspect of the Web address can be changed, added, deleted or updated without notice at the desire of Enjoyu2. Enjoyu2 may change or apply the charge to the product and service via the Web address at any time arbitrary. Enjoyu2 may set or change, at any time, the general practices and limitations related to the arbitrary products and services.

  1. Price table of Enjoyu2 Guide to service and tax

Service guide and Price table Enjoyu2 applicable to you and tax Enjoyu2 (at the extent applicable with you) in effect at the time of carriage will regulate the use of transport services and other related translations via the Web addresses, in addition to the terms and conditions applicable to transactions specified in terms of use of WEB address and service contracts.  The service guide and pricing table Enjoyu2 and the Enjoyu2 tax in this text is included in the terms, so that all references in this text to the terms of use will include, at the extent applicable , service guide and Price table Enjoyu2 and tax Enjoyu2.

  1. Privacy Notice

The privacy notice manages the use of information collected from or provided by you at the Web address.  For any individual that their personal information is provided by you for Enjoyu2, you assure Enjoyu2 that you have received the consent necessary to process personal information that is taken into consideration by the service you are using and Through security notices, including transfer of data to the United States or countries with laws that do not provide the protection level towards personal information such as the law of origin of each individual.

  1. Licenses and ownership

Any and all intellectual property rights ( “Intellectual property “) relating to WEB addresses and content ( “Content”) is the sole asset of Enjoyu2, affiliates and third parties. The content is copyrighted by law and other laws protected in the United States and other countries. The components of the Web address are protected by commercial law, trade secrets, unfair competition laws and other laws and are not copied or mimic the whole or department. All images, logos, and other content appearing in the site are trademarks, trademark service or trade ( “brand”) of Enjoyu2, affiliates or other organizations have granted rights and licenses to use the brand that and can K The hips are used or intervened in any way without the written consent of Enjoyu2. If not permitted by the terms of use, you are not allowed to copy, reproduce, modify, lease, loan, sell, create the work arising out of, upload, transmit, or distribute the intellectual property of the site in any way without the Written consent of Enjoyu2 or third party. Not to be prescribed in this text, Enjoyu2 does not grant you or the rights to intellectual property of Enjoyu2 or third party.

Enjoyu2 gives you limited license, personally, no transferable, no licensing license, can be recovered to (a) access and use the site, content and service of Enjoyu2 in form by Enjoyu2 representation , and (b) access and use of the computer and the Enjoyu2 network is provided in the website ( “Enjoyu2 system “) only in the form that are Enjoyu2 allowed. Except for this restriction license, Enjoyu2 is not interested in the Enjoyu2 system, information or data available through the Enjoyu2 system ( “info “), content, service, website or any other property of Enjoyu2 by allowing you to visit the site. If the law is not permitted or otherwise specified in this document, any part of the content and/or information is edited, modified, regenerated, re-published, translated to any language or computer machine language , transmitted in any way, resell or redistribute without the written consent of Enjoyu2. You may not create, sell, sell, modify, reproduce, display, publicly, import, distribute, transmit or use the content in any way without the written permission of Enjoyu2.

  1. Limit website Usage

In addition to the limitations outlined in the terms of use, you agree that:

(a) You do not conceal the source of information transmitted through the site.

(b) You do not include phishing information on the site.

(c) You will not use or access any services, information, applications or software available through the site in any form that is not Enjoyu2 allowed.

(d) You do not enter or upload any information relating to the virus, horse into the belts, worms, time bombs or computer programming applications aimed at destructive, intervening, blankets or deprived of any system , websites or information that violate intellectual property rights (defined below).

(e) Some areas on the site are restricted to the customer of Enjoyu2.

(f) You may not use or access the site or system or services Enjoyu2 in any way, which according to Enjoyu2, has adverse effects on the operation or function of the system, service or website Enjoyu2 or C An interference in the party’s capabilities is licensed system access, service or website Enjoyu2.

(g) You are not creating or using framing techniques to submit any part or any aspect of content or information without the written permission of Enjoyu2.

  1. Access systems related to shipping and information through the site

Your use and access to the system and information relating to shipping is subject to the following provisions:

(a) “Shipping related systems” include the Enjoyu2 system used to tracing, delivery time, areas Enjoyu2, address authentication and other functions and information related to shipment of packages via Annonces INF Ormatique. The system involves shipping and information taken from those systems ( “Shipping Information”) only because you use the related packages sent by or to you or by you, and are not outside of any other purpose.

(b) The system relating to shipping and shipping information is its own property of Enjoyu2. Enjoyu2 allows you to use the tracing function within the system in relation to shipping in order to search for shipments sent by you to Enjoyu2 for delivery and no other purpose. Without limitation, you are not allowed to publish shipping information on the site or recreate, distribute, copy, store, use or sell shipping information aimed at commercial intrigue if the written consent of Enjoyu2. This is a personal service, so the right to use the system relating to shipping and shipping information is untransferable. Any access or use of inconsistency with these terms is not allowed and strictly prohibited.

(c) Any use relating to the system in relation to the carriage of the devices requiring automatic, robotics, or tool collection and data extraction, routine, code snippets or other mechanisms that have similar functions strictly prohibited.

  1. Links

(a) external link. The site may contain links to third party websites and resources (collectively, the “link address”). These link addresses are provided for your convenience rather than the authenticity of Enjoyu2 about content on the link address. Enjoyu2 does not guarantee the accuracy, operation or quality of any content, software, service or application on the link address. Enjoyu2 is not responsible for the availability of the link addresses or the content or activity of such addresses. If you decide to access the associated address, you must accept the risk. In addition, your use of the associated address must be subject to the provisions of the policies, terms and conditions used to apply , including but not limited to the privacy policy of the link address.

(b) the link in. Link to any page of the Web address in addition to http://www. Enjoyu2.com via plain text link is strictly prohibited without a separate link agreement with Enjoyu2. Any web address or device is linked to http://www. Enjoyu2.com or any page in this text is prohibited (a) copying content, (b) Use the browser or the border environment around the content, (c) imply any kind of information that Enjoyu2 or any branch of the company has Get the company’s content or product, (d) presenting the wrong status of the fact includes ties with Enjoyu2 or any branch of Enjoyu2, (e) Presenting false information about the product and service of Enjoyu2 (f) using the logo or Trademarks of Enjoyu2 or any branch of the airline without written consent from Enjoyu2.

  1. Posts

Enjoyu2 does not accept comments, concepts, or techniques for new services or products via the site ( “comment “).  If we get these comments, you accept that (a) they will not be deemed confidential or kept exclusive, (b) Enjoyu2 and his affiliates have no obligation to keep this information confidential , and (c) Enjoyu2 will have unlimited rights, unable to abolish, around the world, do not have to pay copyright to use, convey, copy, publish, showcase, distribute, and exploit this comment in any way that Enjoyu2 chooses.

  1. Termination

You agree that Enjoyu2, at its own discretion, may terminate or suspend the use of the site, the Enjoyu2 system, your information, services and content at any time and for any reason at its own discretion , even if others are still continuing to allow access and use.  When it is suspended or terminated, you must immediately (a) use the site, and (b) Remove all copies that you have made from any part of the content.  Accessing the site, the Enjoyu2 system, the information or services after termination, suspension or retrenchment will constitute action violated.  Further, you agree that Enjoyu2 will not be liable to you or any third party on the termination or suspension of your visit to the site, the Enjoyu2 system, information and/or services.

  1. Disclaimer of Warranties

Enjoyu2 does not present on the results obtained from using the site, the Enjoyu2 system, the service, the information or the content.  You must take risks when used similarly.

Web site, the Enjoyu2 system, information, services and content is provided on the “status quo” basis.  Enjoyu2, Licensing unit of Enjoyu2, and suppliers of Enjoyu2, within the full extent that the law allows, deny any warranties, clarification or implied, whether required by law or not, including but not limited to implied warranties of With the ability to sell goods, do not violate third party interests, and the suitability for a particular purpose.  Enjoyu2 and branch of Enjoyu2, the licensing unit and the vendor do not present or warrant the accuracy, complete, security or correctness of the content, information or services provided on or through the use of the website or NG Enjoyu2.  The information you obtained from the site will not create any warranties that are not expressly published by Enjoyu2 in these terms of use.

Some executive agencies do not allow limitations on implied warranties, so the limitations and exclusions in this section may not apply to you.  If you are a consumer, the rights required under the law cannot waive, if any, will not be affected by these provisions.  You agree and acknowledge that the limitation and exclusion of the legitimacy and warranties provided in these Terms of use is fair and reasonable.

  1. Limitation of liability

The extent permitted by applicable law and within Enjoyu2 is found to be responsible for any damages, Enjoyu2 is solely responsible for the actual damages.  Extent permitted by law, in any case, the Enjoyu2, branch of Enjoyu2, licensing unit of Enjoyu2, the supplier of Enjoyu2 or any third party mentioned on the site will also not be I am responsible for any random, indirect damages, to make a mirror, in order to be punished and consequential, loss of profit, or loss of two due to loss of data or business disruption due to use or the ability to use the site , the Enjoyu2 system, information, services or content based on secured paper, contracts, personal mistakes, misdemeanor or any other legal reasoning, and Enjoyu2 have informed the possibility of such damages.  Within the extent permitted by law, the remedies for you in these terms of use are excluded and limited to the terms provided separately for these Terms of use.